Alex Sushi

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February 21-24, 7pm

Embark on an extraordinary culinary journey as Frisk Fisk Zurich and Alex Sushi, the renowned sushi institution from Norway, unite for four unforgettable nights in Zurich.

Join us for an indulgent 7-course tasting menu that showcases the epitome of oceanic excellence – savor succulent fish, relish decadent shellfish, and experience a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. This collaboration promises an unparalleled dining experience, blending the expertise of two culinary giants in an exquisite symphony for your palate.

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21st February
22nd February
23rd February
24th February

A menu suggestion by Alex Sushi

  1. Oysters with ponzu sauce and salmon roe
  2. Sashimi of salmon tataki with yuzu miso, hamachi with lemongrass, halibut with truffle sauce and salmon roe
  3. Nigiri: Salmon, ebi tataki glazed with halibut fat, gunkan with salmon roe & quail egg and tamago cake with Rossini caviar
  4. Scallop baked in miso with apple
  5. Sashimi of beef fillet with crispy kale and garlic chips
  6. Alex sushi-style grilled lobster with jalapeño glaze
  7. and a selection of our best maki

7 course menu 155 CHF
Wine Pairing 98 CHF

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