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Frisk Fisk distributes Norwegian premium salmon:

Enjoy our fish specialities either in our restaurant with a bar in Zurich's Niederdorf or order from our shop.
Our salmon comes from the West Coast of Norway, cultivated under strict sustainability guidelines, and refined by the famous smoke master Frederik Møller Andersen. Frisk Fisk founder Matteo Trivisano persuaded him after eight years to deliver his high-quality salmon specialties to Switzerland.


Our Salmon

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Enjoy salmon at home

Frisk Fisk salmon is also available to take home. Whether smoked, fresh, or cured, our salmon specialities can be conveniently ordered from our online shop or purchased directly from our Zurich restaurant. A selection of our salmon and other fresh seafood products is also available at Globus and in the Trivisano Market Hall in Winterthur.

In addition to salmon in all variations, we also offer fresh oysters, shrimp, mackerel, snow crabs, halibut, king crabs, lobster, and scallops. Fish is a valuable food that you should enjoy twice a week. In addition to minerals, fish meat contains iodine and vitamin D, serving as a good source of protein. Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, halibut) also provide valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

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It's all about premium indulgence and unforgettable culinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of freshly imported Norwegian salmon and discover our unique events.