Gourmet Experience

Green salad with beets and salmon caviar
⟶ Dinner menu

Since early 2021, the first Frisk Fisk restaurant has taken the place of the former Coffee Mohrenkopf in Niederdorf. Here, we not only serve our salmon but also offer a seasonally changing selection of warm seafood dishes and vegetarian specialties. Complementing the menu is a wine list featuring naturally produced wines, curated in collaboration with our friends from Wein-Punkt. Salmon and seafood are sourced from sustainable aquaculture or wild catch. We directly procure all our products from the Norwegian smoke master, Frederik

Restaurant Service

Our excellent service pampers you while you savor unique salmon creations from our kitchen. The perfect accompaniment is provided by our carefully selected collection of natural wines, handpicked to enhance your tasting experience. Let us guide you!

Our salmon cuisine

Plate with salmon slice, pickled vegetables, and foam
Salmon on waffles with salmon caviar
Green salad with beets and salmon caviar

Immerse yourself in our salmon kitchen, which is not only exquisite but also sustainable and healthy. We place the highest value on selecting the finest Norwegian salmon, impressing not only with its quality but also through sustainable practices. Our dedication to healthy indulgence is reflected in the choice of fresh, local ingredients and the best regional accompaniments. Each dish is a masterful combination of premium salmon, carefully selected sides, and a touch of culinary innovation. Experience the harmony of taste and responsibility in every bite.

Salmon cuisine

In addition to our carefully selected salmon dishes, we also offer delicious alternatives such as Moules et Frites, Frita Mista, bagels, and much more. Our pursuit of quality extends to every dish, from the delicate salmon variations to the perfectly prepared Moules et Frites.

Venue & Drinks

Plate with salmon slice, pickled vegetables, and foam
Salmon on waffles with salmon caviar
Green salad with beets and salmon caviar
⟶ Getränkekarte

A significant portion of our offerings is available for purchase to enjoy at home. During the day at Frisk Fisk Zurich, we serve delicious coffee and smaller snacks such as our oysters from Brittany. In addition to wine, we offer local craft beer and occasionally cocktails.

We're also here for you on Sunday evenings. From 5 PM, we serve our legendary Fish 'n Chips, Frittura Mista, Hot Dogs, and crispy French fries, accompanied by our wide selection of wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages as always.



Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 10-23
Friday - Saturday: 10-24
Sonntag: 17 – 22

29. März 2024 Ostern
01. April 2024 Ostern
01. Mai 2024 Tag der Arbeit
09. Mai 2o24 Auffahrt
20. Mai 2o24 Pfingsten
01. August 2o24 Bundesfeiertag