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Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard

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Cured salmon with dill
Salmon and Dill are an unbeatable team. With our "GRAVLAX", we have further refined the combination. The raw salmon is cured in a brine of sugar, salt and dill for four to five days. After this process, we wrap it in more fresh dill and pack it with love.

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Friskfisk Warm Geraeuchert

Cold Smoked Salmon
Our "CLASSIC" is smoked hanging for eight hours at 20 °C according to old Norwegian tradition. Its taste is incomparably mild and savory.

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Friskfisk Lachs Kalt Geraeuchert
«Hot Smoked»

Hot Smoked Salmon
As the name suggests, our "HOT SMOKED SALMON" is smoked at a higher temperature. After four to five hours at a cosy 50 °C, it has become juicy and mild. The longer smoking time means that the salmon can be pulled afterwards.

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Cold Smoked Salmon
Our "BEETROOT" smoked salmon is wrapped and vacuum packed with the best organic beetroot. The beetroot gives it its earthy-sweet aroma and a special purple hue that makes this salmon an eye-catcher on any table.

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Friskfisk Rohlachs
«Fresh Salmon»

Skin-on Raw Salmon
Fresh salmon from the west coast of Norway. This magical place is home to the aquaculture where we source our salmon. The fish are raised naturally in a habitat with excellent water quality, that is closely monitored. The farm is subject to regular controls to ensure quality.

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Friskfisk Aquavit

Cold Smoked Salmon with Aquavit
Our "AQUAVIT" is graved with Lysholm Linie Aquavit, dill seed and caraway powder. Aquavit is a Norwegian herb and spice spirit with a strong dill and caraway flavour.

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Friskfisk Gin

Gravlax with Gin
This salmon is cured with the best Deux Frères gin, juniper powder, sugar and salt. The gin, developed according to a secret Deux Frères recipe, gives the salmon a special coloring and a light juniper flavor

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