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For the love of Salmon

My love for salmon originated in the far north, where the midnight sun shines in summer and polar nights turn winter evenings into day. I had the privilege of calling the beautiful land of Norway my home for three years. As a passionate hunter, fisherman, and lover of good food, I felt at home in Scandinavia. During my time there, I also had the pleasure of meeting the legendary smokehouse master, Frederik Møller Andersen, whose exquisite salmon turned my world upside down – those who taste it will immediately understand. At that time, Switzerland did not have smoked salmon of such quality. Thus, the idea for a Nordic-inspired salmon bar in my hometown of Winterthur was born.

However, it took many years before I could fulfill this dream. While I was convinced that Frederik Møller Andersen was the smokehouse master of the century, he was reluctant to export his salmon for a long time. It took a whole eight years until he finally agreed to supply me with his fish. Equipped with the world's best salmon and a lot of confidence, I opened Frisk Fisk Salmon Bar in Winterthur in December 2017. The first award did not take long to arrive: Frisk Fisk was recognized by Swiss Gastro as the "Trendy Locale of the Swiss Gastronomy Scene" (Best of Swiss Gastro, 3rd place 2019, Trendy Locales).

A few years later, a second establishment was added: In the heart of Zurich's Niederdorf, we opened the restaurant Frisk Fisk Zurich at the end of 2020. In addition to our proven Norwegian salmon, we serve fresh seafood, naturally produced wines, craft beer, and much more. In 2022, the first chapter of Frisk Fisk came to an end when we closed our salmon bar in Winterthur. Since then, we have joyfully focused on our Zurich restaurant and the sale of Frederik's smoked salmon.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers. Many believed in my dream from the beginning and supported it. Others discovered Frisk Fisk later on and are now regular guests or buy our salmon. It brings me joy to share my love for salmon with all of them.

Warm regards,
Matteo Trivisano