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Wild Salmon

The Norwegian wild salmon season lasts from June to August. For lovers of all things fish like us, these are the most beautiful months of the year. During this time, our smoke master Frederik Møller Andersen sends us freshly caught whole wild salmon, which we serve to you: smoked, cooked or raw, masterfully prepared by our chef Fabian Seeländer and his team.

Where the Wild Salmon are

Norway is a place of longing for us: its untouched nature, with its countless fjords, forests, lakes, and rivers, is unmatched in beauty. Norwegian wild salmon, which is in season between June and August, comes from this beautiful reality. During the season, the salmon swim from the North Atlantic up the rivers of Norway to reproduce. They leave the sea and return to their original spawning grounds, where they deposit their eggs. It is along the pristine rivers of Norway that wild salmon are caught. Not only our founder, Matteo, would prefer to be there in person during this time, casting the fishing line for you; the migration of wild salmon is a tourist attraction year after year.

Wild-caught salmon (bottom) is leaner than its farmed counterparts

With so much interest, wild salmon fishing must be carefully controlled. A large number of salmon must survive the journey to the spawning grounds to maintain the wild salmon population. Therefore, the Norwegian government has introduced strict regulations to protect the fish. Fishermen work closely with the authorities to ensure that catch quotas are adhered to and that fishing has no negative impact on the environment. Once the catch quota at a location is reached, the river is closed for the season, and no more salmon can be caught there until the following June.

Some of the wild salmon pulled from the rapids by the fishermen are delivered fresh to our smokehouse master, Frederik Møller Andersen, who either smokes them or places them on ice and quickly ships them to us in Zurich. We then process these salmon ourselves. Every year, we are excited about the exceptional quality of wild salmon. It differs from its farmed relatives due to its intense flavor and vibrant orange-red color. As wild salmon moves more than salmon raised in captivity, it also has a lower fat content. Never tried wild salmon? Then head to Frisk Fisk. Our kitchen team led by Chef Fabian Seeländer creates dishes that will surely make your mouth water. We serve wild salmon dishes during the season, from June to August.