For orders totaling CHF 50 or more, delivery is free. For orders placed by 4:00 PM, the Mondexpress delivery will arrive at your doorstep the next morning.

Delivery: Hand-sliced longitudinally, vacuum-sealed. Products are delivered frozen

Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard


In-House cured salmon

Frisk Fisk imports fresh premium salmon directly from Norway. This one is cured in Switzerland with sea salt, dill and sugar. Try the Gravlax now!

  • Fresh fish directly from Norway

    Frisk-Fisk founder Matteo Trivisano gets his salmon directly from Norway. Frederik Møller Andersen is the name of the man he trusts, who not only smokes the fish, but also delivers it and other freshly caught seafood to Switzerland. For the cured salmon, also known as graved salmon, gravlax or gravlaks, the fish is filleted by hand and finished in-house at Frisk Fisk. The salmon comes from sustainable aquaculture that refrains from using antibiotics, uses natural feed only and ensures there's plenty of space for the animals. The quality seal guarantees nutritional, hygienic and taste perfection.

  • Cured In-House

    Curing a salmon fillet is not difficult, but the basic quality of the fish must be high, even for graved salmon. At Frisk Fisk, the hand-cut fillets are rubbed with sea salt, sugar and lots of dill. This creates a brine within a few hours, in which the fish then lies for 3 days. After that, the fish fillets are rubbed and wrapped once more with lots of dill. Now they are ready to enjoy - at home or at Frisk Fisk, the first salmon bar in Switzerland.