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Delivery: Hand-sliced longitudinally, vacuum-sealed. Products are delivered frozen

Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard


Cold smoked Norwegian salmon

The cold-smoked Frisk-Fisk salmon is delivered directly from Norway to Switzerland. Unparalleled quality, sustainably produced.

  • Natural Delight

    Frisk-Fisk smoked salmon comes from sustainable aquaculture in Norway. In summer, the fish are even caught in the wild. The salmon is refined by well-known Norwegian master smoker Frederik Møller Andersen, whom Frisk Fisk founder Matteo Trivisano met in Norway many years ago. The fish are raised according to the strict guidelines of a sustainability label, guaranteeing perfect quality in terms of nutrition, taste and hygiene. All production steps are strictly controlled. Thus, the salmon are raised without antibiotics, exclusively with natural feed and an extraordinary amount of freedom of movement.

  • Gently smoked

    Master smoker Frederik Møller Andersen is a true master of his trade. After the fish arrive at his smokehouse, they are filleted by hand and salted for two to three days. Then the salmon are gently smoked at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees for eight hours. They get their unique flavour from the special wood mixtures used for smoking. Frederik uses pine needles, wood from aquavit barrels and spruce shavings. He's spent a lot of time refining his mixture. It is hard to find better smoked salmon than Frederik's in Switzerland.