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Delivery: Hand-sliced longitudinally, vacuum-sealed. Products are delivered frozen

Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard

«Hot Smoked»

Hot smoked Norwegian salmon

Aromatic and tender: that's the taste of Frisk Fisk's hot smoked salmon. Try the smoked salmon from sustainable farming now.

  • Highest Quality Salmon

    Frisk Fisk sources its salmon directly from Norway - the European salmon nation par excellence. We demand the highest standards, from breeding to processing. We have this strict quality consciousness in common with master smoker Frederik Møller Andersen, our man in Norway. Our salmon is raised in aquacultures whose standards meet our high demands. Natural rearing, strict controls and perfect quality in terms of nutrition, flavor and hygiene are crucial to us. Our salmon are raised without antibiotics and using only natural feed; the fish farm is regularly inspected to ensure this. In summer, part of our salmon is caught in the wild.

  • Special Flavor thanks to Hot Smoking

    Frederik Møller Andersen receives the freshly caught salmon and processes them immediately. Hot-smoked salmon is one of his specialties. As the name suggests, the temperatures used in hot smoking are higher than the ones used in cold smoking, around 40 to 45 degrees Celsius. Frederik lights a wood fire and smokes the salmon in the resulting smoke. The fish develops a unique flavor and wonderful texture through this process. Before smoking, Frederik simply marinates and salts the fish. The salting in particular ensures that the hot-smoked salmon has a longer shelf life than freshly caught fish.