For orders totaling CHF 50 or more, delivery is free. For orders placed by 4:00 PM, the Mondexpress delivery will arrive at your doorstep the next morning.

Delivery: Hand-sliced longitudinally, vacuum-sealed. Products are delivered frozen

Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard

Bild von «Fresh Salmon»

«Fresh Salmon»

Skin-on Raw Salmon

Raw, skin-on salmon fillet from the most sustainable fish farm in Norway. Try now at Frisk Fisk or order online.

  • Sustainable Salmon Farming

    Our salmon comes from the west coast of Norway, from the best salmon grounds in the world. There they are raised in a fish farm distinguished by a seal of quality that guarantees perfection in terms of nutrition, taste and hygiene. Natural breeding - without antibiotics and only with natural feed - as well as strict controls are the standard with this label.