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Delivery: Hand-sliced longitudinally, vacuum-sealed. Products are delivered frozen

Sustainable production

No antibiotics

Direct import from Norway


Ancient smoked craftsmanship

Highest salmon quality standard


Beetroot smoked salmon

Earthy beetroot meets aromatic smoked salmon - an exquisite combination. Try at Frisk Fisk or order online.

  • Sustainable Salmon Farming

    Our salmon comes from the west coast of Norway, from the best salmon grounds in the world. There they are raised in a fish farm with a seal of quality that guarantees perfection in terms of nutrition, taste and hygiene. Natural breeding - without antibiotics and only with natural feed - as well as strict controls are the standard with this label. The salmon is processed and refined by master smoker Frederik Møller Andersen. In the case of this beetroot salmon, he cold smokes the fish at around 20 to 25 degrees for 8 hours. After a short storage in the cold room, he sends the finished smoked salmon directly to Frisk Fisk in Switzerland, where we add the beetroot.

  • The «Beetroot»

    We coat the Norwegian smoked salmon with finely sliced organically farmed beetroot and then vacuum-seal it. The beetroot not only turns the smoked salmon into a beautiful purple eye-catcher for any table, it also gives it an earthy-sweet flavor. Smoked salmon combined with beetroot - a Nordic delight.