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Sustainable Salmon

Frisk Fisk’s salmon tastes excellent. On one hand, this is thanks to the elaborate traditional smoking method our Norwegian smoke master Frederik Møller Andersen uses. On the other hand, Frederik has a keen eye for choosing only the best fish from sustainable sources. Read on to find out what exactly that means.

The wild salmon season in Norway lasts from June to August. During this time, Frederik often smokes salmon that are caught wild in the torrential rivers of the Scandinavian country. For the rest of the year, our fish grow in farms in the cold waters of the Norwegian fjords. It's a natural habitat for them, making it the perfect place for salmon farming. Farmed salmon had a questionable reputation for a long time and is still often criticized in the press and by animal welfare organizations like PETA. However, today, the standards are very high, especially in Norway. Ensuring water quality and fish health is a top priority for the Norwegian government. They inspect the farms weekly, and the results of these inspections are publicly available on the website .

For Frederik, though, that's not enough. With his wealth of experience gained through his decades-long career in fish sales and processing, he seeks out the best salmon. All the fish he processes come from farms on the Norwegian north and northwest coasts that operate particularly sustainably. Specifically, this means:

  1. Humane Farming: These salmon farms place great importance on providing a natural environment for the salmon. Large sea cages provide the fish with ample space and natural currents to promote their well-being and health. The fish in the farms that supply our salmon have much more space to move than legally required.
  2. Environmentally Friendly Feeding: The farms use sustainable sources for feed to reduce reliance on fishing for fishmeal. This helps to curb overfishing. Our salmon's feed is natural, guaranteed to be free of genetically modified organisms, and comes from certified sustainable fisheries. It mainly consists of trimmings and other fish parts that would otherwise be discarded.
  3. Guaranteed Antibiotic-Free: The use of antibiotics in Norwegian salmon farming is often criticized. Our farms refrain from administering antibiotics to their fish. Instead, they are vaccinated before being placed in their enclosures. Thanks to high water quality and humane farming practices, the fish are less susceptible to disease.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Technology: Salmon farms employ state-of-the-art technologies to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impacts. Efficient water management systems help conserve resources.
  5. Social Responsibility: Frederik works with smaller salmon farms that have been in the business for decades and are closely connected to their local communities. They prioritize fair labour practices and employee compensation.

In Switzerland, you won't find more sustainable salmon than Frisk Fisk's. But that's not all; it's also exceptionally fresh – our name is no coincidence! After slaughter, the fish go directly to Frederik in the Oslo Fish Market without detours. Some of it is sent to the smoking chambers, some is promptly sent to our restaurant in Zurich, where we prepare our delicious fish dishes . The salmon is so fresh that we often serve it raw, at a quality you won't find in most sushi restaurants.

However, most of the fish are prepared for smoking by Frederik and his team. The fish fillets are only salted and then gently cold or hot smoked. Treating them with preservatives or flavorings would be sacrilege with such good fish. You can experience this by reserving a table at Frisk Fisk in the Niederdorf or by ordering your fish today from our online shop .

God appetitt!